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I am a Special Education teacher in the Clarkstown Central School District in Rockland County. I have two children of my own who were classified when they were younger. One child had a TBI and the other is Learning Disabled. I know my children would have found the iPad an excellent tool to assist them with their needs.

The purpose of this space is to give apps to parents and students to help them with there areas of difficulty. Apps are not a cure they are a tool to help reinforce an area of weaknes with visual, auditory and kinesthetic apps to help encourage student learning.

As an educator I believe that each child learns using Differentiated Instruction. The iPad is one more tool to help students engage in the process of learning.

I have apps and my blogs from Tech and Learning Magazine on the site. I will keep updating you with my information. Please note blogs are updated on a monthly basis.

In the Tri-State area I am giving workshops to parents to introduce them to the world of apps as it can be overwhelming. If you would like to contact me via email please do.apps4u58@gmail.com

I was also taped on a local cable show in Westchester A Town and Two Villages Two hosted by Alice Bloom. The show is about the iPad and students with Special Needs.

Please watch my video taken at the Rebecca School in NYC:
Rebecca School iPad Workshop

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If you would like to hear an interview about the iPad and Apps with Special Needs Children with Ricky W. Burke on Communicating with Ricky's blog radio
Ipad Apps for Students with Special Needs


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