New Apps for Special Needs:

Auditory Processing:
Fun With Directions Lite- FREE- Full version- $9.99 Free edition works with the concepts "give" and "touch". Three levels from Easy to Advanced. Ability to work with more than one student at a time. Incorporates listening skills, following directions, working memory and auditory processing.
More Fun With Directions Lite FREE- Full version $9.99- a similar concept as the above. The free app works with "behind" and "put in".
Making Sequences $4.99- Helping students learn how to make a sequences using pictures, numbers, and audio. Settings can add or take away hints allowing students to grow with the app. The app allows you to place in order, learn or create your own sequence. Great for teaching transition and what comes first!
Preposition Remix $8.99- Great app for students who need help understanding "positions in space"- including above, behind, in front of on, near and more. The app uses real photographs when asking questions.
Spellboard $4.99- Comes with Dolch Spelling word, ability to add students and track data, customize your own spelling tests, have fun and see spelling words in a word search.
Reading Pal $.99 Comes preloaded with alphabet sounds and common 2-3 letter sounds. Ability to customize spelling tests. Students enter weekly spelling words with text and audio. Student can practice in the reading mode which states the word and gives the student four choices. Next, student can take the spelling test. Upon completion of test student can see the words he/she got right or wrong. Teachers can also email results to parents.
Spelling Hero $.99 Customize lists- add definition, origin, etymology- create flashcards and spelling tests!
Math Kid FREE- Full Version $4.99- expands features, allows the ability to add more than one student, change the number of problems for each student as well as area of operation, no advertising. The app includes 4 operations, Arithmetic Sequence, Percentage, Roman Numerals and Fractions- good for toddlers- 11 year olds. Visual display of fingers when adding and subtracting,
Splash Math First Grade FREE This app has grades 1-4. Grades 1-3 have a FREE app to test out two chapters. Grades 1-4 full version are $9.99. The app covers the full curriculum for each grade. It aligns with the Common Core Curriculum and tracks student work. Emails of student progress can be sent weekly. Best of all if a student is struggling with a concept the app will go into practice mode. *Worth the $!!
Adding Apples $.99 Subtracting Sardines $.99 Visual representation of apples/sardines used for adding and subtraction!
ABA Apps:
ABA Basic $2.99 - Allows you the ability to make a discrete trial anytime with the ability to keep running records and email results. Take a picture of what you want to test and just follow the directions. The app has the ability to run infinite trials. In addition it automatically randomizes trials so side bias is a thing of the past.
ABA PECS $1.99- Learn not only how to communicate but learn how to use the icons.
ABA Pref $1.99 Use either your iPhone or iPad take a picture of what you want to reinforcers you want to assess, Launch ABA Pref which will guide you for all of the necessary information.
Answering WH questions:
Questionit Lite FREE- Full version $24.99- This is a great app for students with Autism or Language Delays. The free version is functionally limited and allows the user to evaluate the app before deciding to buy the full-featured version. The lite version only includes the sorting and simple sentence activity and only one level - with partial color cues - is presented. A very limited number of examples (12 each) are provided. Data tracking and fireworks are fully functional.
Articulation StationFREE full version expected out soon. Ability to purchase individual sounds. Free App comes with the /p/ sound. Included in the app is a tutorial, words, sentences and stories reinforcing the /p/ sound. Student can work on initial, medial and final sound. In addition student can record themselves repeating the sentences. Teachers/Therapists can add up to 6 students and score their progress. To purchase additional sounds it is $1.99 for each sound. CH, TH, SH, NG are $4.99.
Special Education Teachers